Superbooth 2018: New Bastl Eurorack Modules

Timber dual waveshaper and the 1983 MIDI to CV interface      04/05/18

Bastl Instruments has announced two new eurorack modules - the Timber dual waveshaper and the 1983, which they describe as a MIDI to CV interface from the future with creative voice allocation and automatic tuning capabilities. Here's their full description of each module:

Timber - dual waveform lumberjack is a flexible wave shaping module that can produce rich timbres by adding harmonics to any signal. It has 2 different wave shaping circuits that are controlled by the same parameters. Both shapers are classic Serge inspired designs that have been heavily modified and enhanced with a voltage controlled crossfader. The fader can be used to fade between the two shapers or either one and the clean input signal.

1983 is a polyphonic MIDI to CV interface with creative voice allocation and automatic tuning capabilities. There are 4 channels of CV and GATE outputs that can be configured to various layouts. Each channel is also able to LISTEN to the simple waveform of an oscillator and with a single press of the TUNE button it magically makes everything play in tune. The UPDATE and WINDOW inputs allow creative mangling of the voice allocation and open harmonic content to be animated in modular environment. The TRANSPOSE and GLIDE jacks open up the module for further creativity.

Pricing and Availability:

Timber - available now at for 170 EUR excl. tax , currently in production, ships in July

1983 - available in September 2018 with price around 250 EUR excl. tax

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