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Impact Soundworks PEAK RIDER uses a sidechain to shape the main signal      06/01/16

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Impact Soundworks has released PEAK RIDER, which they describe as a novel dynamic processing plugin in VST and AU formats. They tell us that the plug-in uses a sidechain to shape the volume envelope of a main signal, smoothly alternating between boost and attenuation. A spokesperson said, "With an array of powerful analysis, detection, and processing modes, PEAK RIDER offers limitless possibilities for creative mixing and production."

Here's a description direct from Impact Soundworks...

PEAK RIDER operates by using a sidechain input to control the dynamics of the main input. As the sidechain signal fluctuates in volume, an envelope is created in real-time and applied to the main input. Each of four processing modes (Exact, Noboost, Duck, Limit) change how the sidechain signal is used to process the main input, while three analysis modes (Peak, RMS, Smooth) change how the signal is detected. Stereo signals can be processed as a mix or independently, and in both left/right and mid/side configurations.

Adding to its versatility, PEAK RIDER can process audio in both wideband and multiband modes, with each band including adjustable, variable-slope crossover filters. These bands can be set to real-time, zero-latency minimum phase mode, or surgical linear phase mode. Each band also has independent controls for gain, attack / lookahead, decay, and transient shape, giving users an incredible amount of precise control.

Uses for PEAK RIDER include: tightening and matching harmony vocals to a main vocal track, restoring dynamics to over-saturated and distorted drum parts, creating new rhythmic elements based on existing rhythms and transients, surgically processing single bands or channels, gating, limiting, and transient shaping, to name just a few.


  • Novel new approach to dynamic processing
  • Wideband and multiband
  • Zero-latency analysis with linear phase option
  • Four processing modes available
  • Three analysis & detection modes
  • Fine control over envelope shaping
  • Left/right and mid/side stereo processing
  • Simple one-time serial number activation
  • PC VST (32/64bit), Mac VST / AU formats



Pricing and Availability:
PEAK RIDER is available now at the Impact Soundworks web store for the introductory price of $79 (MSRP: $99) as a digital download in PC VST and OSX AU formats, with 32/64 bit versions.

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