Impact Soundworks Releases Water Piano

US Virtual instrument features a grand piano filled with water      10/05/23

Impact Soundworks has released Water Piano, a virtual instrument featuring a unique cinematic prepared grand piano. The sample library was created in collaboration with musical YouTuber Mattias Krantz, who filled the piano's case with 34 gallons of water and recorded the sound at different water levels that can be adjusted by the user, from dry to fully submerged.

Impact Soundworks tells us that the initial state of Water Piano is a dry (un-submerged) grand piano with a character-filled, vintage sound that can be changed using the 36 included snapshots to create a wide range of new tones: lo-fi, honky-tonk, cool reverses, ambient new-age pads, dark atmospheric drones, horror-sounding stabs in the lower register, and more. Users can further morph the sound using Water Piano's unique "wetness controls":

  • Water Level: Submerge the sound to increase its muted, underwater character
  • Freeze: Lower the temperature until the sound is suspended in time, sustained infinitely as an eternal pad
  • Extra Wet: Drench the sound in additional water-morphed reverb
  • Water FX: Randomly sprinkle in effects like water slaps, drips, swishes, and whisks

A spokesperson had this to say, "Like Impact Soundworks' previous release Hammer Klavier, Water Piano offers the dynamic responsiveness of a regular piano and much greater versatility than the typical prepared piano. This instrument is not just a sound design tool but a fully playable piano with a unique sound, built with the same care and detail that went into Impact Soundworks' acclaimed Pearl Concert Grand virtual piano. Water Piano is the third instrument in the Engineer Series, an ongoing partnership between Impact Soundworks and Mattias Krantz; this series also includes Hammer Klavier and The 88E."

 Impact Soundworks CEO Andrew Aversa, told us, "Out of all our pianos to date, this one has the widest range yet. The sounds you can get out of it are both unexpected and delightful. I lost track of time creating presets!"

Pricing and Availability:
Introductory pricing of $59 is available through May 26th 2023 (MSRP $69)

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