600-Watt Modelling Guitar Amp

US Positive Grid moves into hardware amplification with BIAS Head      18/09/15

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In a move that puts them up against the likes of Kemper and Fractal Audio Systems, Positive Grid has introduced BIAS Head in this new video. They describe it as a 600-watt powered guitar amplifier that will give you the world's finest amps. They tell us that BIAS Head is beautifully integrated with BIAS Amp for mobile and desktop.

A spokesperson said, "Amp match your tube amps, virtually swap tubes, share and download thousands professional Amp Match profiles. For the first time, you can create your custom dream amp right in a physical unit, desktop, or mobile device, and play the same great tone whether it's recording or a professional stadium gig."

It'll be interesting to see this in the flesh, but 600-watts? Really?

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