NAMM 2024: Positive Grid - Spark Live

US A powerful little amp that can become a PA      26/01/24

NAMM 2024 saw a brand new addition to Positive Grid's Spark series of amplifiers with the introduction of the Spark Live. Rob showed us this smart amplifier which is stage-ready and features multiple channels, allowing it to function as both a guitar amplifier and a PA system. With 150 watts of power, the Spark Live aims to deliver killer tones and clear, dynamic sound for vocals. It also has the ability to adapt to different instruments and frequencies, making it versatile for use with electric guitars, bass, acoustic guitars, and keyboards. The Spark Live also incorporates the G-Sensor technology, which switches the amp between a stereo mode in horizontal position and a mono mode in vertical position.

The Spark Live is available for pre-order at a price of $499.


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