Podcast: Sonic TALK 412 - Live From Stekker, Windows 10

U2 at MSG NY, Marshall London Smartphone      23/07/15

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64:58 mins



Trash 2 Box
WIN iZotope Trash - Tweet #transformaudio #trash2 to @iZotopeInc and @sonicstate to enter (hashtag only works for this week's show)-Trash 2 takes the best of Trash and makes it even better. With an entirely new sonic architecture, brand new features, optimized performance, better sound quality, and support for modern hosts and formats, Trash 2 is primed for a powerful new era of audio mangling, distortion, and experimentation. Let sonic mayhem ensue.

We're joined by our modular reporter Edd Butterworth who's live from Studio Stekker in Utrecht, a week long synthesists collaboration event - see if you can spot the synths.. Then we talk about Windows 10 and what the new release will mean for musical applications, Rich tells us about U2 at Madison Square Garden, The Singing Machine ussing Supercollider from Martin Backes and  the Marshall London Smartphone.

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  • 00:00 Hellos
  • 5:09 Live from Studio Stekker
  • 23:34 iZotope Trash 2 Competition
  • 25:45 U2 at Madison Square Garden
  • 33:35 Windows 10 new Audio and MIDI
  • 43:50 Martin Backes' Singing Machine
  • 52:30 Marshall London Smartphone and other branding opportunities
  • 1:00:50 Wrap ups


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