Sonic LAB: Littlebits Korg Synth Pro Kit

Connectivity options      05/06/15
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Korg and Littlebits spiced up the Christmas gift givers in 2013 with the Littlebits Korg Synth Kit - a bunch of Littlebits modules with a couple of Oscillators, Filter, Delay, Sequencer, Mixer, Envelope, random generator and some splitters. Some people scoffed - "its just a toy!" they said. And its true it is, but I dont remember having many toys that were as fun.

Only thing was, as with the Monotron range from Korg - it was a bit of a closed system - although in true littlebits spirit, people had DIYed a few ways to integrate into existing setups.

Now Littlebits and Korg have release the Synth Pro Kit - this adds connectivity options a plenty.

  • USB/Audio
  • 2X CV I/O (V/oct and Hz/V)
  • 2x USB cables
  • 2x Mounting boards
  • 1x MIDI cable adapter

We asked our resident portable music creation expert Gaz Williams to take a look at the kit and see what possibilities it opened up.

One thing that did come up was that while in MIDI control the Osc were nicely tracking, but when controlling over CV, the scaling was quite fernicketty and not terribly accurate over an octave range. You could get it roughly in scale. Each oscillator needs to be setup and then tuning them play accurately together was not so easy

Priced at $139 - individual components are available - see Littlebits website for details.




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