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US Overloud releases Drive Blast set of impulse responses and presets      15/05/15

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Overloud tells us that Drive Blast contains 101 impulse responses and 120 presets, created with various amounts of harmonic distortion processed through sophisticated audio effect chains of custom outboard gear, to achieve unparalleled thick sounds.

The company says that each Impulse Response is available in two versions:

T-Type (with prevalence of 3rd order harmonics - a "tape" sound)

  • Wide
  • Clean and transparent
  • More impact
  • Focused on the sides

V-Type (with prevalence of 2nd order harmonics - a "valve" sound)

  • Smooth
  • Center focused
  • Rich mid-range
  • Solid low end


Pricing and Availability:
Until June 8th you can get Drive Blast for €49 / $49  instead of  €69 / $69

More information:


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