MESSE 2015: Presonus Offer Moving Faders With CS18AI

Control surface for up to 64c hannels of RM AI mixer      24/04/15
    MP4 5:59 mins    

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The Presonus StudioLive range of mixers offers a simple, hands on workflow, aimed at the Live Sound application, although its perfectly capable of working for a studio environment. We reviewed the Presonus StudioLive 32:4:2 AI last year, the one thing that some are really hamkering after though is the inclusion of moving faders.

With the recent announcement of the CS18AI, thats taken care of. The CS18AI is  essentially a control surface to work with the StudioLive RM (rack mount) mixers. Connecting over Ethernet/AVB it adds 18 100mm moving faders of course, but also a bunch of additional features, such as LCD scribble strips. It can control up to 64 channels of StudioLive RM AI Mixer.

For the full spec, see our other news item, but we caught up with Karl Jacobsen to see the blinky lights and motors in action.


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