Hard Rock Drum Loops Collection

Beta Monkey Music releases Drum Werks II: Reloaded      01/07/14

Hard Rock Drum Loops Collection

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Beta Monkey Music says that, re-released for 2014, Drum Werks II: Reloaded delivers powerful and aggressive hard rock drum loops for today's modern hard rock mixes. A spokesperson told us, "With 100% new drum loop and sample content, this collection serves up only the heaviest grooves for multiple hard rock songwriting styles that demand a modern rock drum sound."

Here's the details in the company's own words...

A high-definition and powerful mix is at the heart of the all-new Drum Werks II:Reloaded.  We took the pure hard rocking spirit of the original Drum Werks II and gave it a complete sonic and groove update. Simply put, it's bigger, louder, and heavier. Aggressive and unrelenting powerful hard rock drum tracks are a drag and drop away in the DAW software of your choice, including ProTools, Logic, GarageBand, Cubase, ACID, Ableton Live, Studio One and more.

With 600 hard rock drum loops covering a wide spectrum of groove styles from 90 bpm to 150 bpm, we have covered the hard rock genre exhaustively with main grooves, half-time and double-time groove variations, and fills. Drum Werks II: Reloaded captures the intense energy and power of hard rock and gives you a powerful songwriting tool to create rock drum tracks quickly and easily.  This drum loop library will become your go-to songwriting tool for creating the heaviest and loudest hard rock drum tracks.

The Beta Monkey standard complete matching single hit sample set with 256 MB of drum and cymbal samples is also included for further customization and sequencing. The drum and cymbal samples provides a complete additional resource for artists who prefer to build hard rock tracks from scratch in the virtual instrument of their choice.

Drive your hard rock drum tracks with power and conviction with the all-new re-release of Drum Werks II Reloaded.

Disc Specifications: 600 exclusive, royalty-free drum loops available as 16-Bit ACIDized WAV, 24-Bit ACIDized WAV, 24-Bit APPLE LOOPS. 1.0 GB 24-Bit WAV and Apple Loops; 678 MB 16-Bit WAV. 168 (256 MB) matching drum and cymbal cymbals included.

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Drum Werks II: Reloaded now available for instant download for $39.99

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