More Metal Drum Loops And Samples

Beta Monkey Music Releases Double Bass Mania VIII      20/01/15

More Metal Drum Loops And Samples

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Beta Monkey Music has released Double Bass Mania VIII: Metal Drum Loops and Samples which they say delivers over 700 metal drum loops  for guitarists, bassists, and producers of multiple metal styles, including speed metal, deathcore, grindcore, death, tech metal, or djent. This is what they have to say about it...

With 100% live metal drumming, this collection will seek and destroy in any DAW you choose to use, delivering the energy and feel only a human drummer can supply. Covering tempos from 120 bpm and 160 bpm, Double Bass Mania VIII is a powerhouse of metal drumming performance, delivering essential grooves and fills to inspire your metal drum tracks. You want power and precision? Double Bass Mania VIII delivers that and more. It's the metal you want and crave, all in one powerhouse drum sample library.

Get multiple 4/4 groove styles in both straight and triplet-based feels including double bass runs, syncopated broken double kick patterns, half-time breakdowns, double-time feels, skanks, blast beats and more. All the groove feels you need with hundreds of drum fills as well. Devastating power and clockwork rhythmic precision, Beta Monkey Music's Double Bass Mania VIII sets the standard for metal drum tracks. Ditch the drum machines and MIDI and hear the difference live drumming makes.

Double Bass Mania VIII is the faster follow-up to Double Bass Mania VIII. Together, you will find no better resource for modern metal drum tracks anywhere.

An extensive library of drum samples is also included. Use the drums and cymbals captured from the Double Bass Mania VII metal recording sessions for further drum track customization and sequencing - a feature that enhances the versatility and usability of the recorded drum loops.

Available loop formats: 16-bit, 24-bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS. REX2 format coming soon. Disc Specifications: 731 royalty-free metal drum loops available as 16-Bit ACIDized WAV, 24-Bit ACIDized WAV, 24-Bit APPLE LOOPS. 900 MB 24-Bit WAV and Apple Loops; 640 MB 16-Bit WAV. 168 (256 MB) matching drum and cymbal cymbals included.

Pricing and Availability:
Double Bass Mania VIII is available for $39.99

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