Modern Metal Drum Loops And Samples

Beta Monkey Music releases Double Bass Mania VII      27/06/14

Modern Metal Drum Loops And Samples

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Beta Monkey Music says that Double Bass Mania VII unleashes thick and intense grooves with live feel and modern metal sensibility, delivering essential metal songwriting tools that strike the balance between must-have metal grooves you'll need, and insane, pushing-the-boundaries drumming that will inspire your playing to new highs. Here's the rest of what they have to say...

Brutal metal grooves, with brutal, undeniable heaviness, are only the beginning. Recorded and mixed by one of metal's leading producers/engineers, Double Bass Mania VII has the modern metal drum sound locked in. Deep and punchy toms, crisp and cutting snares, dark and shimmering cymbals, powerful and controlled kicks - all the separation of drum sounds you need to pull off modern metal are baked in the mix. Drag and drop the loops into the DAW of your choice and you are on your way to writing new metal today. Modern metal drumming attack, power, tone, technique, and feel - it's all here.

With 600+ modern metal drum loops, Double Bass Mania VII  covers a wide spectrum of modern metal drumming from 80 bpm to 110 bpm, drawing inspiration from modern metal styles as well as traditional death and thrash genres.  Blasts, straight-ahead power grooves, half-time breakdowns, double-time blastbeats and skanks, Double Bass Mania VII will satisfy your thirst for pure modern metal drum tracks - a powerful resource for guitarists and songwriters whose influences range from classic thrash metal  to modern metal hybrid styles.

An extensive library of 256 MB of drum samples are also included with this loop set. Use the drums and cymbals captured from the Double Bass Mania VII recording sessions for further drum track customization and sequencing - a standard Beta Monkey drum loop library feature that enhances the versatility and usability of the recorded drum loops.

Double Bass Mania VII unleashes the fury of modern metal. Achieve the impossible in your metal songwriting with relentless double-bass runs, syncopated double bass groove patterns, and intense power fills that defy you to write better metal music.

Available loop formats: 16-bit, 24-bit ACIDized WAV, APPLE LOOPS. REX2 format coming soon. Disc Specifications: 600+ exclusive, royalty-free metal drum loops available as 16-Bit ACIDized WAV, 24-Bit ACIDized WAV, 24-Bit APPLE LOOPS. 775 MB 24-Bit WAV and Apple Loops; 516 MB 16-Bit WAV. 168 (256 MB) matching drum and cymbal cymbals included..

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Double Bass Mania VII is available now for instant download for $39.99

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