Female Vocal Construction Kits

Diginoiz released High Heel Vocals Vol. 1      29/04/10

Female Vocal Construction Kits

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Diginoiz tell us that High Heel Vocals Vol. 1 is a collection of exceptionally warm, melodic, carefully selected female vocals embedded in the R&B, Soul, Pop, Club genre. They say that each sequence was recorded in a professional studio using first-class equipment (Voxbox Manley, Neumann M149 Tube, RME ADI 8 QS) by an extremely talented young singer who goes by the mysterious name of Marielle. Here's all the details directly from Diginoiz...
Diginoiz "High Heel Vocals Vol. 1" consists of twelve "VOCAL construction kits" containing various vocal sequences including those colored using harmonic enhancers, as well as a large number of vocalizations. Each kit is suited to tempos ranging from 67 to 90 BPM in both Wav (24bit) and Aiff (24bit) formats.
Marielle is a very talented singer, composer and songwriter. Winner of many prestigious vocal competitions. Her songs are frequently included in many radio charts and play lists. She is currently working on her solo album. Her current occupations also include composing songs for many top performers and acting in the musical "Rent". AVAILABLE FORMATS
Diginoiz "High Heel Vocals Vol.1" contains over 860 Mb multiformat material (24 bit WAV, 24 bit Aiff, 16 bit WAV) ready to use in your favourite sampler or sequencer, hardware or sofware like: Logic, GarageBand, Soundtrack, Digital Performer, Sony Acid, Ableton Live, Adobe Auditon, Cakewalk Sonar, Pro Tools, Emagic EXS24 and many more.
WAV Version
  • 12 VOCAL construction kits (24bit WAV)
  • 207 vocal sequences and vocalizations (24bit WAV)
  • 322MB total size
  • 12 VOCAL construction kits (16bit WAV)
  • 207 vocal sequences and vocalizations (16bit WAV)
  • 217MB total size
AIFF Version
  • 12 VOCAL construction kits (24bit AIFF)
  • 207 vocal sequences and vocalizations (24bit AIFF)
  • 322MB total size
Pricing and Availability:
€22.90 EUR (approximately $31.00 USD) More information:


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