Audiowarrior KreatorXL updated

Version1.1 is a feature enhanced songwriter's version of the soft synth sound module      28/07/06

Audiowarrior KreatorXL  updated

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Audiowarrior have updated their Kreator XL to version 1.1. They tell us that Kreator XL is ‘the Nu Age 3Gigabyte Professional Soft-Synth-Sound-Module music production solution for recording engineers, film makers, broadcasters, game developers, effects artists, and other media professionals.’ And that ‘It provides a masterful palette of meticulously recorded, real-world instruments and production elements comprised of pristine 24-bit world-class samples.'
Kreator XL's library is divided into 30 sections with hundreds of program presets, REX files, and MIDI files Here’s the lowdown in their own words…
Enhancements include:
'The Seven Deadly Synths' NuSynthRACK
Searing Leads, Deep Bass', space-age FX, moody textures, sweeping lush Pads with on-board DSP. 24-bit. Immerse yourself in PHAT ANALOG with Evolving Alien Environments and Soundscapes including Rain & Thunder, The Grays, BladeRunner, RAIN, Deep Sea, Alien Locust, Ethereal Bog, Frogs of Plague. Synth leads, Bass, FX, Pads based on Juno, Oberheim, Moog, Prophet, and more. A huge collectors treasure chest of highly sought after Synthesizers and all with Kreator's built-in DSP ! Based on the Oberheim® Matrix1000, Juno, Yami, Moog® Play them Standalone or in your preferred sequencer. Tweak the Reverb, Compressor, Chorus, and Wah-Wah.
NuGeneralMIDI compatible Drums & Percussion
30 All New GM compatible Drum Kits with Percussion including Yamaha Maple, SONOR® Maple, DW®, Ludwig®, TAMA®, Electronic Kits-707-808-909, Djembe, Ashiko, Ashiko Loops, RainStick, Bodhran, Himalayan Bells.
3 All New complete Hi-Detail Virtual Basses. Based on the Fender® J-Bass, Schecter® Scorpion Slap Bass, Large Acoustic Upright Bass.
Nu Auto-Strumming Guitars: Acoustic & Electric
All new Electric Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar with Manual Strumming and Auto-Strumming, SilverTone'63, each with 85 songwriting chords and up to 1700 auto-strumming combinations using proprietary Pat Pending dedicated Audiowarrior iStrum MIDI patterns. The most realistic and authentic MIDI strumming available.
Stereo/Mono/5.1 Audio & 16 track Audio/MIDI
Easily produce stunning music demos enhanced with on-board digital effects. Fine tune your MIDI notes and your sounds using AmpModeling, WAH-WAH, SpeakerCabinetModeling, Flanger, Rotary, Chorus, Reverbs, TalkBox Vowel Modeling; AA, EE, II, OO, UU, accessible directly from 8 MIDI-Learn SOUND EDIT Controls.
Disk Streaming
Choose to play samples back from RAM or conserve and stream directly from disk.
Control CPU usage
Choose playback quality, Good, High, Highest.
Perform, and record a huge selection of Instruments right on your computer desktop. Works with any recording software Mac or PC such as Cubase, Pro Tools, or works by itself in Standalone Mode.
Powerful Combi-Instruments
Combine any 1-16 instrument combination such as Piano and Strings, or Choir and Flute can be saved as a Combi-Instrument Preset .
Mix from the Interface
Adjust each track's volume directly from the GUI up to 6db.
Synths, Organs, and CPU efficient Pianos
Including sounds based on the Oberheim® Matrix1000, Juno, Yami, Moog®, Hammond® B3, Rhodes® Electric Piano, Acoustic Piano 1 and Acoustic Piano 2 each with DSP FX.
Guitars: Acoustic & Electric
Electric Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar with Manual Strumming and Auto-Strumming, SilverTone'63
2 unique Male/Female choirs sections with separate and combined voices.
Mello-T Classics
MelloTron® Flute-Choir-Strings-Brass.
  • 32-bit
  • Connects to everything : VST, DXi2, AU, Rewire and Standalone
  • 256 Voices polyphony
  • 16 sounds on 16 MIDI channels simultaneously per instance
  • Sound Category System support, no difference between finding, selecting and loading a Sound
  • Control up to 32 DSP Effects with 8 "Quick" REMOTE CONTROLLABLE Q-Controls featuring MIDI LEARN - 8 Content pre-defined Sound shaping parameters including MIDI-LEARN CUTOFF AND RESONANCE per program allows instant fun while tweaking without the need to understand the complex architecture creating the Sound. Remote controllable with the all new set & forget MIDI learn mode.
  • Ultra easy user interface , clean, handy and easy to understand for beginners or seasoned professionals.
  • Award-winning Surround-Capable HALion 3 playback engine
  • All of Kreator's sounds and instruments can be opened in HALion 3.1+
  • Take it with you: Having your AudioWarrior Kreator1.0 License Code installed on your Steinberg Key makes it easy to use Kreator interchangeably on any computer, anytime, any where in the world, PC or Mac.
Price and Availability
Available now. There is a time limited offer during August only available from the Audiowarrior Online Shop.
Boxed FULL Version/ 3GB DVD $199 (Regularly $479) Includes Steinberg Key
3 GB DVD DOWNLOAD $199 (Regularly $479) Requires Steinberg Key More information:

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