SNAMM05: M-Audio on a roll

US New stuff from the M-People      27/07/05

SNAMM05: M-Audio on a roll
Jace Nuzback shows off the MicroTrack 24/96

The M-Audio stand is always worth looking out for at any trade show, and this Summer NAMM was no exception.

We caught up with chief boffin Jace Nuzback and pointed the cameras as he gave us a run-through of three of the latest products from the ever-expanding M-Audio stable - checkout the vids...
[we *really* liked the look of the MicroTrack - neat unit]

Here's what they say themselves:-

MicroTrack 24/96
The MicroTrack 24/96 is a rugged high-fidelity mobile 2-channel digital recorder that records WAV and MP3 files to CompactFlash or microdrives—perfect for everything from professional field recording to corporate meetings, training, education and worship. Record via balanced line inputs or built-in high-fidelity microphone preamps complete with 48V phantom power for studio-quality microphones. Connect MicroTrack 24/96 to a PC or Mac via USB and simply drag and drop recordings to your computer for immediate editing or Web posting. Power derives from a lithium-ion battery, and the unit can recharge via the computer’s USB connection or optional USB power adapter. The MicroTrack 24/96 combines quality beyond that of DAT recording with the convenience and cost-effectiveness of personal digital recorders for the ultimate solution in mobile recording.


  • 2-channel WAV and MP3 recording and playback for pro recording, meetings, training, education and worship
  • storage via convenient CompactFlash or microdrives
  • immediate drag-and-drop file transfer to PC and Mac via USB 2.0 mini- connector
  • powered via USB, rechargeable lithium-ion battery (included) or optional power supply
  • separate left and right input level controls with signal and peak indicators
  • professional balanced ¼â€� TRS inputs with mic/line switch
  • dual microphone preamps with 48V phantom power for studio microphones
  • 1/8â€� TRS input with 5V power for use with stereo electret microphone (microphone included)
  • S/PDIF coaxial input for digital transfers
  • monitoring via RCA line outputs or 1/8â€� stereo headphone output> stereo output level control
  • large LCD for navigation and statistics
  • dedicated buttons for navigation, record, hold, pause, delete, menu, and power
  • includes Audacity software for editing and file format conversion
  • CompactFlash card included

    Fast Track Pro
    The Fast Track Pro delivers all the mobile recording flexibility of the Fast Track USB, plus even more professional features. You get 2 front-panel mic/line inputs complete with phantom power for condenser microphones, inserts for outboard effects, balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, S/PDIF digital I/O, MIDI I/O, and more. Fast Track Pro also features near-zero latency direct hardware monitoring and low-latency ASIO software monitoring, plus an A/B source switch and dual output pairs for DJ-style cueing. Fast Track Pro is compatible with most popular PC and Mac music software. USB connection and bus power along with class compliancy for Mac OS X* make it a breeze to set up.

    * Class compliancy supports 24-bit/44.1kHz 2 x 2 operation on OS X 10.3.9 and higher. Driver installation required to access more I/O.


  • 4 x 4 24-bit/44.1kHz audio interface
  • 2 front panel mic/instrument preamp inputs (Neutrik XLR/ ¼â€� TRS) with:
    - gain controls
    - signal/peak lights
    - pads for each input
    - insert jack (¼� TRS) for outboard processors

  • 2 balanced outputs (¼â€� TRS)
  • 4 unbalanced outputs (RCA)
  • S/PDIF digital I/O with w/ 2-channel PCM
  • S/PDIF out also supports pass-through of AC-3/DTS surround-encoded content
  • 1 x 1 MIDI I/O with activity LEDs
  • headphone output (¼â€� TRS) with level control
  • headphone A/B source switch for DJ-style cueing
  • input/playback mix control for hardware direct monitoring
  • mono switch for input/playback direct monitoring
  • master output level control
  • near zero-latency hardware direct monitoring
  • low-latency ASIO software monitoring
  • USB connection to computer
  • powered via USB or optional AC power adapter
  • Kensington lock port
  • Mac and PC compatible; class compliant with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and higher

    * 24-bit/44.1kHz 2 x 2 operation is class-compliant. Driver installation required to access more I/O.

    JamLab turns your PC or Mac into a personal guitar system without the need for any other hardware except your favorite guitar. The compact JamLab interface connects easily to your computer via a simple USB connection, and features a ¼� input for your guitar and 1/8� headphone/line output. The included GT Player Express software features amp simulation and virtual effects boxes for EQ, chorus, reverb and more. GT Player can also play standard audio files, and can even slow them down—perfect for practicing and easy learning. You also get WAV drum loops from our popular ProSessions Sound and Loops Library. Load them into GT Player in any order for an instant custom drum machine to jam with. Drum songs are also provided as MP3 files. JamLab is ideal for traveling, limited space, and keeping both your budget and the neighbors happy.


  • 1/4â€� guitar input
  • 1/8â€� headphone/line output
  • built-in USB cable
  • 24-bit, 44.1/48kHz audio quality
  • Core Audio, WDM, ASIO 2 drivers
  • class-compliant with Mac OS 10.3.8
  • includes GT Player Express software:
    - professional effects
    - guitar amp simulation
    - stomp-box modeling including noise gate, EQ, chorus and reverb
    - variable-speed playback of standard AAC, MP3 and WAV files
    - stand-alone, ReWire or VST plug-in operation
  • For more info, check out their website:-

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