SNAMM05: GigaPulse: Convolving Processor for Windows

US Tascam announces Gigapulse VST plug-in      22/07/05

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SNAMM05: GigaPulse: Convolving Processor for Windows

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Taking advantage of TASCAM’s latest DSP technology, GigaPulse is the first VST plug-in for Windows from TASCAM. Using convolving technology, which essentially ‘samples’ a room or acoustic body, GigaPulse can emulate any room, vintage EQ or microphone. With features like mic modeling, selectable room position and tail extension. GigaStudio Sales and Marketing Manager, Pete Snell, had this to say about the new plug-in “GigaPulse adds new life to sampled sounds by placing them in a real acoustic environment. The convolving technology found in GigaPulse blows away traditional reverb plug-ins, and the ability to place a sound in any location of a room gives the mixer an unmatched amount of creative possibilities.�

GigaPulse goes beyond most convolving reverb plug-ins with its built-in mic modeling, which can change the quality of the reverb recording or can be used on its own to add vintage microphone warmth to your recordings. The user can select the position of the sound source in the room with a 2-dimensional grid, the perfect effect for orchestral arrangements and other spacious mixes. And Tail Control technology reduces the processing load on the computer, allowing more instances of the plug-in to be used.

Judge for yourselves - we caught up with him at the show and asked him all about it - checkout the video for an in-depth look...

Main Features

  • Acoustic space modeling via exclusive convolving algorithms
  • Create new impulses from your own recordings
  • 2D mic/source placement – move your source to up to 18 locations in a room
  • Microphone modeling can be applied to the environment or used alone
  • Tail Control reduces computer processing load to free up your CPU for more instances
  • ‘Move’ the mic using the Perspective slider, controlling the reverb amount while maintaining phase and stereo imaging
  • Impulse libraries will be available from TASCAM, or download numerous freeware impulses from the Internet. More info:
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