NAMM: The Final Pinnacle - Part 3

The last of Mike Peake's round ups - first posted on TGS      30/01/04

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Mike posted this a few days ago on The Gas Station and this is the final part of his show round up. I've yet again added some photo's and linked through to the relevant stories in the news. So... go for it Mike.. -Radikal Technologies Spectralis
This is a hybrid table-top machine with a 16-key step sequencer, digital oscillators, analog filters (24dB and 12dB), a 10-band fixed filter bank, memory, MIDI, DSP synthesis, and an upcoming sample-playback engine.

There are three digital oscillators in the monosynth voice, with synch, FM, PWM, ringmodulation, and analog 24dB lowpass filter and 12dB multimode filters. The literature seems to say that the LFOs and envelopes are digital, but promises that the are High Definition DSP. External signals can be used as audio and as modulation. The oscillators do lock perfectly with zero detuning, however they are very fat when detuned… The designer went with digital in the interest of a large feature set, and it might not be too bad of a design choice (more auditioning is required).

The step sequencer has 32 “lines”, which I’ll take to be “rows”, meaning that you can modulate the hell out of the parameter set in each pattern! There are “step envelope curves and glide effects which can be triggered per step” as well.

The DSP sound engine is 48 voices with a multimode filter, switchable between 12 and 24dB. Storage capacity is up to 96Mb.

There are 37 endless encoders with switches (press to access sub functions), 56 buttons, and a 2x40 display. I noted that a single twist doesn’t cover the entire filter Fc range, but I didn’t check to see if there is acceleration if you twist the knob quickly (which might close the range a bit).

I hadn’t checked this out earlier as I’m not very interested in supposed grooveboxes. However, I’d like to say that if the small monitors I heard it on are any indication of how large and good this actually sounds, that they have a winner on their hands…
The projected price is E2000.
Sonic State News Story Dave Smith Instruments Polyphonic Evolver

Get ready for four Evolvers in a rack… It prices out at $1400.00 and can be programmed (and provided a fifth voice) when used with the Evolver table-top unit. You’ve already heard all of the great things about the Evolver so multiply it by four.
Sonic State News Story Clavia Nord Modular G2
The entire Clavia line was on display; the G2 is shipping and people on the Nord Modular mailing list are said to be talking about it.
I didn’t get to see it but Aspen Pittman’s Groove Tubes showed a new all-tube compressor…

That’s it for me and my limited interests. Thanks to Roger Cordell of Sweet Noise Distribution and hello to everyone and sorry to anyone I’ve missed mentioning!

Thanks Mike - Dave B - Sonic State

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