Spectrasonics Update For Apple G5 & Panther

US Grrr! Cutting edge platform gets support      30/12/03

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Now we have the all singing and dancing Apple super-computer and latest OS, but what can you run on it eh? One thing's for sure you can run the Spectrasonics virtual instrument plug-ins Trilogy, Stylus and Atmosphere. Their new updates add enhanced compatibility for Apple's powerful new Macintosh G5 and the latest OS X version 10.3, code named Panther. All Mac OSX plug-in platforms have been updated, including Steinberg VST, Digidesign RTAS and Apple's new Audio Units plug-in format. The updates also support the previous OS X version, Jaguar v10.2. The plug-ins are available for registered owners as a free download from the Spectrasonics website. The plug-ins now support the key OSX plug-in platforms, creating wide compatibility for all popular Mac host programs including Emagic Logic Audio 6, Digidesign Pro Tools 6, Steinberg Cubase SX2 and Nuendo 2, and Mark of the Unicorn Digital Performer 4.1. All three Spectrasonics products are also fully compatible with Microsoft Windows VST host applications. Trilogy
Spectrasonics' Trilogy Total Bass Module plug-in is the only virtual instrument plug-in of its kind that specializes in powerful realizations of all three categories of bass sounds: acoustic bass, electric bass guitar and synthesizer bass. Unique features like True Staccato, Release Triggering and Trilogy's Dual-Layer architecture offer unparalleled realism and expressive capabilities. Atmosphere
The company's Atmosphere Dream Synth Module plug-in is a sample-based, dual-layer synthesizer module with over one thousand unique sounds and layer elements, that can be manipulated with its powerful and intuitive interface for shaping new textures. Over one million layer combinations are available for an extraordinary range of sonic colors. Stylus
The Stylus Vinyl Groove Module plug-in integrates a massive core library of thousands of cutting-edge groove elements, loops and samples, with a powerful user interface for creating completely new grooves. Stylus utilizes Spectrasonics' unique "Groove Control´┐Ż" feature offering dynamic pitch, tempo and feel changes to mix and match grooves to create endless rhythmic possibilities. All three 32-bit plug-ins offer massive 3-gigabyte core libraries and have powerful, yet simple to use interfaces for customizing sounds with onboard multi-mode resonant filters, envelopes for pitch, filter and amplitude, matrix-style modulation routing, multiple LFOs, parameter automation and more. Each plug-in has total recall of all settings using a host sequencing program.
  • For more information visit http://www.spectrasonics.net
  • Updates are available at: http://www.spectrasonics.net/updates/

    Listen to demo files that use the plug-ins:

  • Atmosphere DEMOS:
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  • Trilogy DEMOS:
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