Spectrasonics Go Native - Large Performance Gains On M1

US The full range now run native on Apple Silicon      16/06/21

Spectrasonics Go Native - Large Performance Gains On M1

Spectrasonics have announced their range of plug-ins (Omnisphere, Trilian, Keyscape and Stylus RMX) are all now available for native M1 Apple Silicon. This makes them amongst the first to take advantage of the new Apple silicon chip architecture and gives significant performance gains.

The new support is significant, since it allows Spectrasonics users with M1-processor based Mac computers to utilize all of the powerful capabilities of the new technology and experience extraordinary performance at low buffer settings. Not only does this native Apple Silicon support allow significantly more instances of Spectrasonics plug-ins, but the major improvement in latency performance allows live performers to have a more reliable and immediate experience onstage - even with inexpensive off-the-shelf Apple laptops!

The new versions are free to existing registered users

How to download the updates:
Current Spectrasonics users: Simply use the "Get Updates" feature on the splash page!
Earlier Spectrasonics users: Download and install the updates from your User Account.


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