Spectrasonics Bob Moog Tribute Library v2.0

US Over 500 new Omnisphere patches added in major free update      25/03/21

Spectrasonics Bob Moog Tribute Library v2.0

Spectrasonics has released a major new version 2.0 edition of their Bob Moog Tribute Library for Omnisphere to celebrate the library's 10th anniversary. In addition to all of the original sounds, the 2.0 edition comes with over 500 brand new Patches created by Eric Persing and the Spectrasonics Sound Development team. The 2.0 version of the Bob Moog Tribute Library is available now for Omnisphere users (v2.6 or higher), at the Spectrasonics webstore for $99 with a free update for all previous customers. Here is Spectrasonics' description of the library...

Bob Moog Tribute Library
Spectrasonics launched the original library in 2011 to honor the legacy of synthesizer pioneer Dr. Robert Moog and to benefit the work of the Bob Moog Foundation. Version 2.0 of the Bob Moog Tribute library now features over 1300 stunning sounds for Omnisphere, Spectrasonics' flagship synthesizer virtual instrument. The sounds in the library were created by more than 50 of the world's top synth artists, remixers, and sound designers, including Hans Zimmer, Ryuichi Sakamoto (YMO), Richard Devine, Vince Clarke (Erasure/Depeche Mode), Jean Michel Jarre, Danny Elfman, Jan Hammer (Jeff Beck), Diego Stocco, The Crystal Method, Jordan Rudess, Money Mark (Beastie Boys/Beck), Bernie Worrell (P-Funk/Talking Heads), Larry Fast (Peter Gabriel/Synergy), Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (Air/Fiona Apple), Morgan Page (Madonna/Katy Perry), Keith Shocklee (Bomb Squad/Public Enemy), Steve Porcaro (Toto), Fredwreck (Snoop Dogg/50 Cent), Michael Lehmann-Boddicker (Michael Jackson), Patrick Moraz (Yes/Moody Blues), Eddie Jobson (UK/Roxy Music), The Moog Cookbook, and many more.

The 2.4GB of Soundsources in the library were developed using highly creative processing techniques--often with exotic gear like rare Buchla Modulars, Jean Michel Jarre's EMS Synthi AKS, Hans Zimmer's massive Modular Moog (including 1027 round robin Moog Drum samples!) and even Persing's unique OMG-1. With so many different world-class artists contributing, the library is rich in style and filled with inspiring, cutting-edge sounds.

100% of the proceeds from the "Bob Moog Tribute Library" continue to support the innovative projects of the Bob Moog Foundation, including educating kids about Electronic Music through Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the creation of the "Moogseum" in Bob's hometown of Asheville, NC, and more! The goal of the foundation is to educate and inspire children and adults through its mission of educating and inspiring at the intersection of music, science and innovation.

"Spectrasonics' Bob Moog Tribute Library has been a beautiful, powerful source of support for the Bob Moog Foundation for over 10 years, helping us to teach over 20,000 children about the science of sound through Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, preserve thousands of historical artifacts through the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, and inspire people from all over the world through the Moogseum," stated Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Bob Moog Foundation and the Moogseum. "We are thrilled that the library is being updated for a new generation, offering music producers expanded sonic possibilities to use in their creative process, and we know that Bob would be humbled by the continued expansion of this project."

Pricing and Availability:
The new v2.0 of the Bob Moog Tribute Library for Omnisphere is available now for $99 for new users and is a free update for existing customers through Spectrasonics Smart Update system.

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