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US Swedish sounds from Kenny Aronoff, Mel Gaynor...      29/05/02

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Clavia unleash an update to the faithful ddrum4...

PRESS RELEASE The ddrum4 SE digital drum system with the Cast Precision Mesh Head kit Clavia is pleased to announce the release of the updated ddrum4 sound module - the ddrum4 SE (Signature Edition) - in combination with the new Cast Precision Mesh Head kit. The Cast Precision Mesh Head kit has already been available on the US market for a couple of months now and thanks to all the positive response Clavia now releases the Mesh Head kit worldwide. The Cast Precision Mesh Head Pads The compact design, "real feel", and the versatility of the new Cast Precision Mesh Head Pads make them truly amazing. Each pad, featuring a web drum head, is assembled with a rugged, cast aluminum shell. The design offers unparalleled tracking and greatly enhanced feel. Also, with the new mesh head pads, the acoustic noise is virtually eliminated. The Cast Precision Mesh Head Pads detects exactly how hard you strike the drum head. More than 1000 levels of dynamics can be detected. This is especially useful when playing the multisampled Signature drum sounds of the ddrum4 SE sound library. The dynamic response is as close to the "real thing" as it gets. (The Cast Precision Pads with regular drum heads are still in production for those who prefer that model.) Specification ddrum4 SE sounds The ddrum4 SE module holds exclusive Mega Drumkits Signature Series drum sounds recorded by the famous drummers Simon Phillips, Dennis Chambers, Kenny Aronoff and Mel Gaynor in the Galaxy studio in Belgium. All Signature sounds are played by each individual drummer. The drummers use their own typical setup with drums and cymbals. It’s their tuning, their choice of drum heads etc. From each session Clavia carefully selected and processed the sounds and tailored them to fit the ddrum4 SE drum system. The ddrum4 SE sounds can also be fetched free of charge at and downloaded to any ddrum4 brain. Each individual Signature instrument in the ddrum4 SE module is built up by a vast number of samples to catch every nuance from the acoustic drum. Whether it’s a snare drum sound or tom-tom sound, each instrument will give you what you need throughout the whole dynamic range. The new Signature sounds takes the playing feel of the ddrum4 drum system to a higher level. The ddrum4 SE sounds are especially designed for drummers that appreciate a more acoustic feel from the ddrum4 drum system. Thanks to the superb dynamic range and the fast triggering response of the ddrum4 SE system, the sound of the new ddrum4 Signature drumkits is much closer to acoustic drums than ever before. But as always, try it out yourself. Check out the new ddrum4 SE at your music store and hear for yourself. You'll be surprised over how 'alive' the ddrum4 SE system sounds and feels. The ddrum4 SE electronic drum system The ddrum4 SE system is built around the ddrum4 SE sound module and can be controlled from ddrum4 Cast Precision Mesh Head Pads, ddrum4 Cast Precision Pads (still in production), ddrum4 Cast Cymbal and Cast Hi-hat pads and ddrum Triggers. The ddrum4 SE system offers the market's fastest trig response times and extremely natural dynamics, essential features when it comes to playability and feeling. The ddrum4 SE brain offers a large flash memory to which you can download ddrum4 samples and your own MIDI SDS samples at any time. Clavia also offers free download of top-quality ddrum4 samples from the constantly growing sound library at:-

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