Creative Ships Sound Blaster Live! For Macintosh

Bundled with a load of software too      27/03/01

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Creative, the folks that also own Ensoniq/Emu, announced the availability of its new Sound Blaster® Live! for Macintosh sound card. This card has proven to be a big seller to PC users and has firmly established itself as the standard to which lo to mid priced sound cards are measured. The new sound card allows Macintosh users to connect to four-channel speaker systems, plug in MIDI, digital or analog devices. With the advanced effects of EAX, you can now enjoy surround sound .A generous software bundle completes the package and allows users to enjoy enhanced gaming, music and MP3 audio applications. Software Bundle Included in the Sound Blaster Live! for Macintosh
  • Mixman® Studio Mac�-Create professional quality music in minutes. With automatic beat matching and sound element combination, Mixman Studio makes audio experimentation fast and fun. Export remixed songs to CD or put them on the web.
  • Cubasis AV Mac-Record both MIDI and digital audio effortlessly. Easy-to-use tools allow users to arrange and edit recordings down to the smallest detail. Cubasis AV provides a perfect introduction into a digital recording studio.
  • SoundJam� MP®-Encode entire music collections into high-quality MP3 files with this easy-to-use, all-in-one MP3 player and encoder.
  • sonicWORX Essential-Enhance and tweak audio files with this complete sound design and effects processing software for the Macintosh. Packed with over 60 effects such as preview from disc, sound file-format conversion with dithering, noise shaping and multi-stage undo.
  • Deus Ex�-The year is 2052 and the world's economies are close to collapse as conspiracy rages on. In this first person shooter, gamers employ stealth, strategy and an arsenal of weapons to decide the fate of the world. Trust no one, question everything, and emerge from the shadows to take control.
  • Creative Mixer-Integrate audio inputs and create the perfect audio environment with the flexible Surround Mixer. Users can manipulate sound settings, add environment presets, and position audio sources for a personalized music experience.
  • SoundFont® Bank Manager-A professional digital sampler that supports SoundFont technology for MIDI-sequencing. An essential tool for music creation, it lets the user load and audition SoundFont banks, as well as configure the MIDI-related aspects of the audio card. Pricing and Availability The Sound Blaster Live! for Macintosh is now available through Creative's network of distributors and resellers at a suggested retail price of US$149.99. Visit
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