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Squarepusher - Documentary and Live Footage
"A talented bass player at the cutting edge of Drum n Bass"
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Shorn TV: Meet Ken Rich, King of Keyboard Restoration
"Anything is possible, all you gotta do is ask"
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Vangelis - Profile and Video Collection
"Symphonic synthesist - a perfect eye for film scoring and an ear for pop too"
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Jean Michel-Jarre
"Rare footage of the most successful electronic artist of last Century"
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Arturia Prophet V
"Prophet 5, Prophet VS. It's a Hybrid of the two !! Is Arturia's newest addition to their Analog Classic synthesizer range any good ?"
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Synthogy Ivory 1.5
"Our resident Steinway player gets under the hood. Is it the ultimate piano plug-in?"

Sonic Lab: Digidesign Music Production Toolkit
"Does this new bundle really up the ante, or give us a bunch of stuff we dont really need? "
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Shorn TV Tours LA's VIllage Studios
"Take a look around this legendary LA studio, home to some of the greatest albums ever recorded."
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Shorn TV: Woody's Wierd and Wonderful Instruments
"A virtual tour of a vintage instrument collection "
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SONIC LAB - 25 Key Controller Round-up
"Is there a perfect 25-key controller? We find out"
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SONIC LAB: Oxygen 8 v2
"M-Audio's USB MIDI 25 key Oxygen 8 v2 is on the test bench. We see how it performs and throw in a Logic Pro tip to boot"
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Behringer FCA202
"For goodness sake, how much? "

NI Guitar Combos
"Three classic guitar amps in software"

M-Audio Trigger Finger
"Compact, self contained MIDI control for the rhythmically inclined"

Cakewalk Project5 V2
" This new build offers real-time functionality, intuitive usability and open architecture"

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