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In-depth Feature:  M-Audio Trigger Finger
Compact, self contained MIDI control for the rhythmically inclined
Nick B writes: .

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M-Audio pioneered the plug-n' play MIDI interface with their original Oxygen 8 - an extremely portable MIDI keyboard controller with 8 assignable knobs and a fader. Obviously, a one and a half octave keyboard is never going to appeal to someone who likes to play big orchestral chords or flamboyant piano tunes, but more to the beat and bass-line programmist. Trigger Finger takes the beats programming interface to it's logical conclusion with 16 assignable velocity and pressure sensitive pads, 8 assignable knobs and four faders in a USB powered package.

What You Get For Ya Money
Out of the box, Trigger Finger is a compact and sturdy unit, with pads laid out in a way that will be instantly recognisable to the MPC user. In fact, the eagle-eyed may have noticed that Akai released their own MPD-16 pad controller some time ago. The silver finished Trigger Finger also features 16 pads, but with an additional 8 knobs and four faders to boot. The unit can be bus-powered through USB, but features a 9v DC input in case you want to use it in a MIDI rig without a computer to power it, which makes it suitable for a number of applications. Of course when using the USB connection, the MIDI out appears as an available port in your host software. Another nice touch is the screw thread on the base of the unit, for mounting on the relevant hardware. The thrifty will be pleased to know that you do also get a 6 foot USB lead (alas, the power supply is optional), an installation CD, a Quick Start booklet and a copy of Ableton Lite. Unfortunately, the manual is only on CD, call me old-fashioned but I like the feel of paper in my hands and the ability to read it when in the smallest room in the house.

Trigger Finger connections
Connections are simple - there's a USB connection, a 9v power inlet and a single MIDI out port. The unit itself is of sufficient weight not to slip about when you start whacking it.

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