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In-depth Feature:  Shorn TV: Meet Ken Rich, King of Keyboard Restoration
Anything is possible, all you gotta do is ask
Shorn Rah writes: .

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    MP4 7:35 mins
Inside Ken's Secret Laboratory
Jack Waterson our LA guide, does not disappoint, and he has friends in high places. I was still trying to calm down from the trip to Woody's house as we drove down from the Hollywood Hills to Ken Rich's workshop.

Ken Rich, quite simply, is the most respected keyboard restorer and customizer alive. He works for the stars. Big names such as Lenny Kravitz,Tori Amos, Seal, Dr Dre and Donald Fagen to drop a few. His work is astounding.

Wurly 140b
Drool over Lenny's black Wurlitzer 140B sitting next to Lenny's white Wurlitzer 140B. Quiver and shake at the ox blood MiniMoog. Freak at the sight of a Roland AX1 that looks like the dash board of a Rolls Royce. Think to yourself, one day when I'm rich and famous, I will buy one of Ken's keyboards, if they aren't being fought over by some of the biggest names in music. Slim chance.

    Jack Waterson is the proprietor of the excellent Future Music store on Sunset in LA, where he hoards all kinds of rare and intriguing musical technology.

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