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SONIC LAB - Drumkit Shoot-out
"We put Rolands TD-20 flagship electronic kit and FXpansions BFD plug-in, up against a vintage Ludwig kit in this 20 minute video special, featuring Clive Deamer on drums."
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Arturia 2600V
"The original was heavy, expensive and service hungry, how does the V sound?"

Producer Interview: Michael Gray - The Weekend
" Credibility, every time"

Behringer BCF2000
" Behringer redefine the price of MIDI control, how does it perform?"

Arturia Moog Model V
"This is a very solid and rich sounding synth that should become a mainstay in everyone's plug-in list"

Roland Fantom XR
"How do they get all that into a single 1U rack?"

Presonus Central Station
" I don't know how I ever got by without it."

Behringer ADA-8000
"Another price-busting unit from Behringer for the studio"

TC Electronic TC Thirty
"A meticulously modeled Vox AC30 plug-in for use with Powercore"

TC Electronic PowerCore: Filtroid & Voice Modeler
"Powercore plug-in pair provide superior sonic shapeshifting "

MonoMachine SFX-6
"Elektron's 6-voice mono offers five classic synthesis methods in one desirable box, and produces spot-on analogue sounds."

Edirol UR-80
"Audio and MIDI interface with built in control surface under scrutiny"

Korg KPE-1 Entrancer
"If you run a club and are looking to get into video to liven up your act, this thing's a bargain"

Arturia CS80v
"One of the most powerful synths I have ever used"

Apple Garageband
"Does Apples' new music package rock, or merely make a noise? "

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