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Cakewalk Sonar 3
"While retaining familiarity for existing users, some powerful new features have been added"

Vermona RetroVerb
"It's springtime again with vintage reverb and filter sounds all in one box "

T.C. Electronic PowerCore FireWire
"The PowerCore FireWire adds new plugins and faster processors to an already good package - and all in a 1U box. "

Novation Bass Station Plugin
"Novation goes full circle, hardware becomes software "

Kurzweil's Rumour + Mangler Effects
"Are Kurzweil's latest stunning siblings, or a couple of old duffers? "

Roland VariOS
"This little box wears a lot of different hats and they all look good "

Presonus TubePre - mono preamp/D.I.
"Presonus' latest wont break the bank, but does it sound a million bucks? "

Industry Interview -Roger Linn
"The Daddy of the MPC and the modern drum machine "

Propellerheads Reason 2.5
"Have the Props given us everything we'd hoped for? "

Edirol PCR-30 USB MIDI Control
"The Edirol PCR range brings advanced features at a competitive price "

Emagic EMI 6|2m
"Emagic EMI 6|2m - Multichannel USB Interface"

Music Tech Magazine - Opened Up
"Theres new kid on the block -we check him out"

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
"An exciting synthesizer from the one of the masters"

Groovetubes DITTO Box
"Hi Spec D.I. Box for the discerning"

JL Cooper CS-32
"32 Faders, 96 buttons and transport control in a mini-sized unit. "

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