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Elektron Machinedrum SPS-1
"Elektron should be applauded for making an inspiring and engaging instrument."

Native Instruments Reaktor 3.0
"Reaktor is the Rolls Royce of soft synths. Solid, reliable and very impressive."

Kenton Plugstation
"The Kenton Plugstation is one darn good idea, it's cheaper and takes up less space than equivalent hardware synths. "

Kenton Control Freak Studio
"The Control Freak is as simple and accessible a MIDI controller as you're likely to see"

"The sheer variety of sounds available is incredible"

Recycle 2.0
" If you use loops or if you intend to, Recycle 2.0 has to be the tool for you."

" If you like the sound of classy TC effects and want to give your processor a bit of breathing space, Powercore is the way to go."

Yamaha DX200
"The DX200 has awesome capability in creating FM synth sounds"

Emagic EVP88 Vintage Piano
"If don't have access to the real thing, the EVP 88 has to be the way to go."

Yamaha AN200
"An impressive and contemporary sounding synth which will rapidly gain the interest it deserves"

CreamWare Luna II
"The Luna II undoubtedly supplies a powerful audio environment."

Native Instruments Spektral Delay
"The Spektral Delay is a powerful weapon in anyone's sonic armoury."

PropellerHeads Reason
"This is one of the most exciting pieces of software released in recent years, and the best thing is it's actually fun to use !"

Beatnik Mixman StudioPro 4.0
"Create genuinely inspirational music both live and in the studio."

Waves L2 Ultramaximizer
"Put simply, the L2 sounds superb."

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