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In-depth Feature:  Yamaha AN200
An impressive and contemporary sounding synth which will rapidly gain the interest it deserves
Bruno writes: .

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The AN200 Synth is the latest addition to Yamaha's LOOPFACTORY Series, comprising of an Analog Modelling Synth, AWM Subsynth and four track, 16-step sequencer coupled with powerful FX and filtering.

The idea behind LOOPFACTORY is to create a series of user interactive instruments, which compliment rather than replicate each others' features and may be linked together to form a powerful music creation system. The Series currently consists of; SU200 Phrase Sampler which features automatic BPM sync of multiple loops, a loop remix function for real-time groove manipulation and digital FX, the AN200 Desktop Analog Synth and the DX200 Desktop Synth - which as its name suggests uses the FM engine from Yamaha's classic DX keyboards. The AN200 and DX200 are almost identical in appearance and both feature the same four-track, 16-step sequencers with 16 real-time control knobs. Although these are powerful synths in their own right, they are both bundled with impressive editing software for the PC and Mac Platforms.

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