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In-depth Feature:  Absynth
The sheer variety of sounds available is incredible
Bruno writes: .

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Sounds
  • Tweakability
  • In Use
  • Conclusion
  • SystemRequirements
  • Demo Sounds .

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    On October 16th 2000 Paris based Rhizomatic Software released a new soft synth called ABSYNTH for Power Macintosh computers. Although not conventional in design, ABSYNTH possessed a sonic quality unavailable even from hardware equivalents.

    68 point Envelope Generator

    With six oscillators, four filters and three modulators per voice, not to mention 68 break-point envelope generator the possibilities were endless. Despite this ABSYNTH never received the acclaim it deserved, until, hopefully, now.

    Repackaged and reproduced in collaboration with the ever-popular Native-Instruments, the new ABSYNTH is a bigger, bolder version of its predecessor.

    Installation of ABSYNTH is Straightforward and you can be running the standalone or plug-in versions in no time at all.

    The software routes audio via Sound Manager or an appropriate ASIO Driver, support is included for Digidesigns Direct-Connect and Mark of the Unicorns MAS. Midi can run under MOTUs FreeMidi or OMS.

    The 127 included presets are varied and impressive, ranging from distinct pads and bass to BPM clocked rhythms and very realistic acoustic modelled sounds.

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