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In-depth Feature:  Recycle 2.0
Recycle 2.0 - Loop Processor
If you use loops or if you intend to, Recycle 2.0 has to be the tool for you.
Rob G writes: .

Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Installation
  • Basic Operation
  • Preview Mode
  • Off-Line Processing
  • Loops + Supported Devices
  • What's New In 2.0
  • Wrapping Up
  • Recycle On a Mac
  • Demo File .

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    Not content with taking the world by storm with the release of Reason, Propellerhead follow hot on its heels with a new version of ReCycle, their loop manipulation tool. No minor upgrade this one, Propellerhead claim to have completely re-written their engine, adding a realtime preview and realtime effects. Along the way, a major overhaul has been performed on the user-interface.

    ReCycle 2.0 comes on a single CD, with versions for Macintosh and PC. Documentation comes in the form of a printed manual, along with three online manuals in Adobe Acrobat PDF format - an operation manual (identical to the printed manual), a guide to keyboard shortcuts, and a sampler and file format reference.

    Installation was a trivial operation - select a destination and go. Once installed, select the best supported sound driver (ASIO by preference, or the best native driver available), adjust buffer settings until playback is smooth (unnecessary for ASIO), and everything was ready to go.

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