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In-depth Feature:  Emagic EVP88 Vintage Piano
If don't have access to the real thing, the EVP 88 has to be the way to go.
Trevor Curwen writes: .

Table of Contents
  • Intro
  • Hardware/Software Requirements
  • Tweakabillity
  • Sounds / Demos
  • Conclusion .

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    Whether it was the introduction of affordable polyphonic synths or overexposure to Supertramp that sounded the death knell of the electric piano in the mid 1980's is open to question, but one thing is for sure - the electric piano sound has had a resurgence in popularity of late, and old Rhodes' and Wurlitzers have become much sought after instruments. So, with the proliferation and popularity of software emulations of vintage keyboards, the EP was an obvious contender for the treatment. Emagic, makers of Logic Audio, are the culprits this time with the EVP 88, a virtual electric piano that resides in your computer, representing all of the major classic types and featuring all the amp and effects processing normally used with the real thing namely EQ, amp drive, phasing, tremolo and chorus. What you get with the EVP 88 are virtual simulations of just about all the variations of the Fender Rhodes, including different marks of Stage and Suitcase models, plus Wurlitzer EP200 and the rare Hohner Electra pianos, 12 basic instruments in all that can be edited to produce a whole slew of variations on the sound.

    Hardware/Software Requirements
    The Emagic EVP88 is a virtual instrument for users of Logic Audio and Micrologic AV only, (a VST plug-in version, the EVP 73, is due shortly). To run the EVP 88 you need a Logic version of 4.7 and at least 128MB of RAM. Mac users need a minimum of a 233MHz G3 running OS 8.6 (9.0.4 for USB) or higher, while for PC, a 300MHz Pentium II with Windows 98 (98SE/Me for USB) is the minimum requirement. Installation from the CD-ROM is a quick and simple matter and the EVP 88 becomes available for use as an audio instrument selected in the top insert slot in an audio track. The first time you call the instrument up you have to insert the CD-ROM for authorisation, after that authorisation will be occasionally asked for but you get a pop up warning giving you 7 days notice before authorisation runs out.

    As it's name might suggest, the EVP 88 is capable of 88 voice polyphony, representing glissandi over the entire keyboard range with the sustain pedal depressed. This, of course, can put heavy demands on the processor so there is a function to lower the maximum number of voices available, this has a default value of 20 voices on start-up.

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