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In-depth Feature:  Native Instruments Spektral Delay
The Spektral Delay is a powerful weapon in anyone's sonic armoury.
Fat Elvis writes: .

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Ain't it wonderful what you can do with digital data these days. When Fat Elvis were a lad, all we had was a crusty reel to reel machine and a Watkins Copicat, now those nice German chaps at Native Instruments, not content with putting a bloody Hammond organ and Leslie on your hard drive, have come up with a gizmo that can split each channel of a stereo signal into 160 separate frequency bands and apply a separate delay time complete with feedback and level to each one. Now thats progress for you, but is it of any practical use?

But What Is It?
Usable as a stand-alone program working with MME, Direct Sound, DirectX, Sound Manager or ASIO, or as a VST plug-in, the Spektral Delay needs mac OS 8.6 or higher on a 300 MHz G3, or a 400MHz Pentium PC with Windows 98, both will need 64MB of RAM. The program uses real time Fast Fourier Analysis (FFT) to split the signal into the separate frequency bands which can then each be processed. In addition to the delay processing there are various modulation effects that can be applied to the signal in the frequency domain and the whole thing is controllable via MIDI.

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