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SONIC LAB: TC Classic Stomp Effects
"Something to jump on and kick around the stage"
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Digidesign A.I.R. Velvet Stage Piano Plug-in
"Does it go "silky, silky" or a little bit "clunky, clunky"? "
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Synthesis - Whats Next?
"Time for something a bit different says Mark Tinley"

SONIC LAB - A Brace of Converters
"We help choose a new AD/DA for studio Goldfrapp"
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Podcast: Freeware AU Plugins Round-up
"In this podcast, Mark Tinley discovers that free stuff rocks if you look hard enough"
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"Take over the stage and rock out - or something"
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Focusrite Saffire Pro i/o
"Shorn Rah and a couple of top celebs put the new blue interface to the test"
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iAXE 393 USB Guitar
"Rockers delight or bonfire fodder? "
VIDEO FEATURE    >>Read Feature - Online Recording Studio
"Upload an MP3 - hours later get your drum track"

Heaven 17 Profile
"1980's pop supremos"
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SONIC LAB: TC Electronic C300 and M350
"They are budget units, do they sound big? "
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Japan: Video Profile and Interview
"Enigmatic 80s band with a classic sound that stands the test of time"
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Gary Numan Artist Profile
"Dark synth-pop, with a genius for the synth riff. "
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SONIC LAB: Arturia Analog Factory
"2000 legendary sounds from Arturia's Classic synth range in a groovy module."
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Brian Eno Profile
"Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno"
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