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Emagic EXS24
"Virtual sampling is the future, they say. Mind you, they also said that about the Sinclair C5. Joe Bennett cruises slowly down a new road with the EXS24 from Emagic."

Roland XV-5080
"There is hardly a poor sound to be found on this instrument... The crack sound design team at Roland has outdone itself."

Native Instruments B4
"You probably won't find this sound, this good or this cheap. Or this portable…"


Pulsar II Card
"The virtual synths could sell the system on their own.."

IK Multimedia Groovemaker v2.0
"The Groovemaker's back with a new look, a new feel and loops that never stop.."

EMU E4XT Ultra
"To my knowledge, no other manufacturer offers as well a thought out and executed system of combining sampler and synth products."

Modulating Modular Madness: two MOTM users share their experiences with us
"I decided that starting a modular system of my own looked like an excellent idea. In fact, I thought it looked like such a good idea that I decided Sonic State users need to hear more about it."

Why Can't You take it With you?
Getting your studio to fit on stage.

"It’s a dilemma every gear junkie has faced: what can I take with me live? For my purposes, I’ve narrowed down the list to a few essentials - well, maybe more than a few."

Low-end Hi-Hats
Can a couple of bargain old-school drum machines still cut it live?

"It's an intimate thing to hear the last person's programs on a used piece of gear. In this case, it was also a little painful."

Why Can't We Forget The Minimoog?
"The New Performance Synth will give musicians affordable access to an extremely fat instrument that now stays in tune and can be bought somewhere other than on E-bay"

EMU Proteus 2000
"The P2k has already proven itself indispensable in both my studio and gig racks. Its wide selection of sounds has been a life-saver (and gig saver!)."

Native Instruments Prophet 5 VST synth
"Whatever my next session, I'll be switching this sucker on. This software has 512 patches that really speak Prophet."

RME Hammerfall DIGI9652 Sound Card
"Not only does the card allow me to lock VST to ADAT with near sample accuracy, but also to transfer up to 24 tracks at a time. Again RME have made it simple and effective. For the first time, I am not crossing my fingers behind my back and hoping. It works."

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