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In-depth Feature:  Behringer FCA202
Behringer FireWire Audio FCA202
For goodness sake, how much?
Shorn Rah writes: .

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They've done it again, another product, another silly cheap price. Behringer releases a slender, two in, two out, 24- bit/96 kHz Firewire audio interface with bundled Ableton Lite Live 4 (Behringer Edition) and other recording/sequencing and editing software. Low latency, high resolution recording and monitoring for Mac or PC on a shoestring.

The FCA202 is a stylish white and silver metalic box only 155 mm (6.10") long, 115 mm (4.53") wide, standing a mere 28 mm (1.10") high. On the front is a 1/4" stereo headphone connector, a volume dial and two LED's to indictate power on (red LED) and Firewire (blue LED) engaged. On the rear there's two Firewire connectors, two unbalanced 1'4" jack connector inputs and two balanced/unbalanced 1/4" jack outputs. As well as a socket for the provided power supply - although it can be bus powered if desired.

The mission for the FCA202 is to provide an extremely compact and portable Firewire interface for "on the road" and studio applications. Not only a recording tool but also the digital/analog audio link between your computer and the living world. If you've got a band, a small studio, you're a DJ, maybe an artist on a bus, on a train, in the bar? most likely in the bar.. you want to record onto your PC or Mac along side program, compose, and sequence all manner of music and sound.You need a workable interface. If budget is an issue, then the FCA202 may just be the gizmo for you. It gives you what is basicaly a stereo in and out 1/4' jacks which convert A/D and D/A up to 24-bit 96 Khz. With the speed of Firewire.

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