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In-depth Feature:  Synthogy Ivory 1.5
Our resident Steinway player gets under the hood. Is it the ultimate piano plug-in?
Albert Potts writes: .

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As a classically trained pianist, the progress of sampled and synthesized pianos has been something that I’ve followed keenly over the years. In the old days of the DX7, acoustic piano emulations were a pale imitation of the real thing. Each generation of equipment has brought new realism to sampled pianos, and yet there has always been something missing that can only be achieved by playing a real acoustic grand piano. However, with modern computers, large fast hard drives, and the huge amounts of system RAM available nowadays, the creators of sampled pianos have far better tools to work with than ever.

This review takes a close look at one of the better-known multi-gigabyte piano soft-samplers currently available, Synthogy’s Ivory 1.5. Ivory 1.5 is a major upgrade of Ivory 1.0 and is created by Joe Ierardi and George Taylor, both former Kurzweil Music System engineers.

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