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In-depth Feature:  Synthogy Ivory 1.5
Albert Potts writes: .

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Closing the Lid

Realism is more than just how a sampled piano sounds, it also includes how it feels to play. I find Ivory to be at the top of the game in both regards.

I’ve used Ivory over a period of time on a number of different projects, and have always been pleased with the results and the ease of use. I recently scored a film in which I wrote several cues for solo piano. I told the director I was going to record my Steinway, but when it came time to make that recording I sat down at my Steinway and thought, “Hmm, it needs tuning. Hmm, what’s that little rattle I’m hearing? Hmmm, the pedal is noisy, it needs some new felt. Hmm, this range seems a bit uneven.�

Well, you guessed it. I went right into the studio and fired up the Steinway in Ivory and laid down the track. The piano was in tune, perfectly maintained, and I didn’t even have to hassle with mics. Would I do this when recording a solo piano album? Absolutely not, I’d find a studio with a beautiful and well-maintained concert grand and make a recording of that. But I really *hate* to admit that Ivory made it so easy to record a lovely sounding piano that I chose not use my dear old acoustic Steinway.

By the way, when it came time to play back the track for the director I didn’t tell him I’d used Ivory. He was shocked when I finally admitted it was done all in my Mac, Ivory really did fool him. Maybe I shouldn’t have confessed!

While I’ll never trade in my Steinway Model O, I am impressed with what Ivory can do. Ivory is a classy piano plug-in that is well thought out, sounds great, and is extremely useful.

Ivory 1.5 is available directly from Ilio at $349 USD

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