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In-depth Feature:  Arturia Prophet V
Prophet 5, Prophet VS. It's a Hybrid of the two !! Is Arturia's newest addition to their Analog Classic synthesizer range any good ?
Shorn Rah writes: .

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Prophet V
Sequential Circuits released the Prophet 5 in 1978. The timing could not have been better.. it was the synth keyboard player's wanted, not just for the huge sound but because sounds could actually be stored within the internal computerized memory. Anybody who was anybody in the synth world used one, to the point of defining many bands sound. (Japan, Gary Numan, Peter Gabriel)

The mighty V and VS combined

Other Prophets followed; some good, some bad. The last of which was the strange, in a good way, Prophet VS. It was the first synth to use Vector synthesis where a joystick is used to cross-fade between the sampled waveforms. This digital synth was capable of some truly "off the wall" and unique sounds.

Now Arturia, merited creators of software emulations of classic synths (MoogModular V2, minimoog V, CS-80 V, Arp 2600 V) bring us the Prophet V, featuring not only the Prophet 5 and VS but also a third interface; the Prophet Hybrid, which is as the name states, a hybrid of the two synths utilizing all the features of both synths at once.

It ships with all the sounds of the originals, plus many, many, more. The Prophet 5 and Prophet VS emulations have all the goodies of the originals (5 voice polyphony, white noise modulators, dynamic waveform cross-fading with joystick, etc). You can even import any existing preset banks from the original synthesizers in a format called SysEx sound data. Unlike the Prophet 5 which only had five voices the Prophet V has up to 32.

To celebrate the release of the Prophet V, Arturia have announced the lowering of prices across the entire Analog Classic synthesizer range.

All are now available for the new price of $249 /£149 / €199 inc. VAT.

With big names like Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor giving it their seal of approval and only having ever used a Prophet V once, I was dying to get into the box and get testing..

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