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In-depth Feature:  Cakewalk Project5 V2
This new build offers real-time functionality, intuitive usability and open architecture
Simon Power writes: .

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Did you know that the 'Cakewalk' is a ritualistic dance or set of movements originated by African tribes and developed by Afro-American slaves as a parody of their white masters exaggerated style of walking?

'Cakewalk Software' alternatively, have been developing and producing innovative music sequencers and midi-based software products since the early 90's. They're good, and they have a trailer load of awards to prove it. Last year alone winning Best Sequencer, Best Buy and Best New Software in a variety of trade publications.

Their latest product is Project 5 V2. Like Project 5 V1, version 2 is a 'studio-in-a-box'. No, really, this time it is. No, I'm telling you, this is a 'studio-in-a-box'. OK, it's an over-worked expression, (and this programme is actually much more than just that, as I'll explain later) but Project 5 V2 comes closer than most to that holiest of Grails, the 'Soft Studio'. And here's why: flexibility and expandability. Version 2's got plenty of both. In fact this has more cross-platform than Clapham Junction and Grand Central combined and like a downtown cabbie, it'll talk to anything. DX, Dxi, MFX, ReWire, WDM, VST, VSTi, throw Version 2 any format you can think of and it'll eat it for breakfast.

Project5 workspace
It's three S's, sampler, sequencer and soft synth (OK, that's four S's) have GUI's that are both complex but intuitive at the same time. They are thoughtfully designed and instantly effective in use. (They are also very pretty and may evoke a sexual reaction amongst younger users. Something you learn to control in later life).

The key features add to the flexible theme with pattern-based sequencers and processors, ACID tm compatible audio-looping tools, live performance and realtime features, VST plug-in support (with VST/DX adaptor). And how's this? The installation DVD contains nearly 2 CD's worth of PRO DS864 sampler banks and ACID tm format loops from PowerFX and Loopmasters, ProSamples and Smart Loops.

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