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In-depth Feature:  Shorn TV: Woody's Wierd and Wonderful Instruments
A virtual tour of a vintage instrument collection
Shorn Rah writes: .

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The MIDIfied Chamberlain
It's late February, it's sunny, I'm in Hollywood caught in the nightmare pre-Oscar road closures and traffic chaos. Another date with Jack Waterson, the charismatic owner of Future Music on Sunset Blvd - a treasure trove of used instruments for sale, trade or rent (see our tour of his place).

Jack's grin is bigger than usual as he explains exactly what he has in store for us. He's got this friend, called Woody Jackson, who's got a Chamberlin, which is an event all on it's own, but Woody's is lovingly restored. The Chamberlin is an early tape playback unit, with a separate tape and tape head for each note on the keyboard, a predecessor to the famous Mellotron - but this one is special - it's got MIDI.

The Chamberlin - all wires and tape

Oh, and Woody lives "just up there" in the hills. All I have to do is make a movie. Seems like a nice town for that kind of thing.

We worm our way up the meandering lanes to Woody's secluded house, when we arrive Woody is makes green tea, I'm introduced and lead into the an astoundingly beautiful wooden room with huge windows. I wonder if Woody wood notice if I quietly moved in, maybe making a little bed in the kick drum - I don't rate my chances...

In front of me is the Chamberlin linked via MIDI to a laptop running Logic Pro, plumbed into a vintage speaker with mad drum tape loops.. But that's only the beginning; Wall to wall Guitars, Guitorgans, vintage delays and echo units, a Baldwin Harpsichord, a Mini Moog, an Arp Solina, I'm in Woody's, personal, living, breathing, creative, musical museum of a studio.... Sweeeeeet!!

Oh, and its in Hollywood by the way. Hard life- isn't it ??



Many, many thanks to Woody Jackson for his hospitality.

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