Softube Releases Widener And Clipper

Think wide and loud with two new plug-ins   20-Feb-24

Softube Releases Widener And Clipper

Softube says that you can start to think bigger about what clipping and widening can do for a track with their new Widener and Clipper plug-ins. They tell us that Widener can create a stereo signal from a mono track or widen an existing stereo track with five unique widening algorithms, each suited to a producer's specific needs, while Clipper gives finished tracks the final push needed to match loudness expectations with added features for more creative freedom. Here's more details direct from the company...

Five ways to widen
Each of Widener's five algorithms – Frequency Spread, Classic, Rotation, Ambience, and Reflections – has a unique strength that makes it easy to find the sweet spot for the stereo image and minimize unwanted artifacts. This is achieved using phase shifting, Mid/Side processing, or reverberation techniques. The goniometer and correlation meter offer real-time visuals for the stereo width and ensure Widener users avoid pitfalls by confirming what is audible and empowering them to make the right choices for their mix.

Analytical & vibey peak limiting
Clipper's dual clipping stages (RMS and Peak), analog color option, and optimized soft knee function mean it is built to counteract the byproducts of clipping with an added dose of creative license. The peak limiting stage in Clipper is matched with an RMS stage that can gently shape the material before it goes into the peak clipping stage. This gives Clipper users the power to go beyond the math and make creative choices about the tonality of their clipping. It is accomplished by using anti-aliasing techniques to minimize artifacts, such as multiple stages of 4x oversampling.

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