Plug-In Aims To Breathe Life Into Amp Sims

IRDX Core is designed to reconstruct speaker dynamics and non-linearities   10-Jan-24

Bogren Digital has released its new plugin, IRDX Core. They say that, building on the company's groundbreaking IRDX technology, IRDX Core allows users of any guitar amp simulator or impulse response loader plugin to reconstruct the speaker dynamics and non-linearities that are invariably lost when capturing a guitar speaker impulse response. Here's the full details in Bogren Digital's own words...

Introducing IRDX Core
It's no secret that Bogren Digital loves guitar cabinet impulse responses! Well-made IRs are vital to obtaining a great guitar amp sound in the computer. However, all IRs have a significant limitation: they can only capture a static, linear image of the tone curve and resonances of the cabinet. Meanwhile, real-life guitar speakers are living, moving things that respond dynamically to the input signal being fed into them. Speakers are inherently non-linear, and it's those non-linearities that IRDX faithfully emulates and adds to any amp sim or IR loader.
IRDX Core is not an IR loader
The IRDX Core plugin does not itself load impulse responses, it enhances the sound of impulse responses from other amp sims or IR loaders. It is used by adding it to an insert slot of a DAW channel, immediately following an amp sim or IR loader plugin. This goes for any IR loader or amp sim apart from Bogren Digital's own amp sims, as these already have the IRDX technology implemented.

The IRDX Core plugin has an input level slider and a calibration meter to ensure an optimal input level. By default, the IRDX effect is set to 100%, but the user can decrease or increase the effect with the level knob. For an even more apparent effect, the user can switch from Normal to Intense mode.

The IRDX effect
IRDX Core adds the natural movement, the 3D sensation, the slightly jagged edges, and the unpredictability its users could previously only obtain by recording an actual guitar cabinet.

Comparing the sound with IRDX Core activated and deactivated, it becomes clear that without IRDX Core, every stroke on the guitar sounds similar, with few tonal or harmonic differences between them. Engaging IRDX Core, the sound responds more naturally to differences in the strokes of the guitar. The impression is that with IRDX Core activated, the sound "wakes up" -- it becomes more dynamic and lifelike and goes from flat and two-dimensional to responsive, exciting and dynamic. All while maintaining the tone of the cabinet captured in the IR.

In a mixing situation, IRDX Core adds width, movement, and excitement to guitar tracks that use amp sims. This effect is particularly pronounced with double-tracked and panned guitar parts, where the subtle differences between the takes come through more clearly. It furthermore helps guitars sit better with the other instruments, making mixing faster and easier.

Pricing and Availability:
IRDX Core is $39 and is available now.

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