A New Way To Compose Rhythm

Modalics introduce the Beat Scholar rhythm composition system   05-Sep-22

Modalics describe Beat Scholar as a modern beat-making powerhouse. They say that it presents an entirely new way to compose rhythm in the digital domain. A spokesperson told us, "Beat Scholar is the ultimate rhythmic playground that will make sure your beats sound like no other." Here's more details from the company...

A New Way to Compose Rhythm

  • A unique rhythm composition system, developed to make the most deep & interesting grooves accessible in a few clicks.
  • Place any drum on any beat, Beat Scholar gives you total freedom to create drum fills, linear grooves and place them anywhere.
  • Add bars, change measures and beat values easily.
  • Beat Scholar keeps you in musical context, encouraging experimentation and innovation.


Everything You Need to Make Outstanding Beats

  • Over 250 carefully curated factory samples, from classic drum machine sounds to hand-made synthesized drums, we have the bases covered.
  • Load your own custom samples with a simple drag n' drop interface.
  • A wide variety of samples for each pad, control the attack, length & pitch to shape them to perfection.
  • Built-In effects - minimum hassle, get your samples nice and stylish just by turning a couple o' knobs.


Brief & Tech Specs:

  • Divide beats into up to 42 slices and combine multiple drums on the same beat! Quintuplets & Triplets on the same pattern? No problem. Play 35 kicks on a 1/4 note? psh... easy!
  • Any drum can be placed anywhere! the ultimate percussive- playground.
  • Load your own samples with an easy drag n' drop interface.
  • Built-in FX section to get you started quickly.
  • Easy midi file export - drag directly from the plugin's interface to your DAW.
  • Use Beat Scholar to output midi to any instrument or even to hardware drum machines
  • Standalone, VST3, AU, AAX.
  • Mac / Windows Compatible.
  • Tested Hosts: Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Reaper

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $79 (Regular price: $99)

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