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Sleek Pop Filter For Front-Address Microphones
ISOVOX introduces ISOPOP BroadCast for the SM7B, RE-20 and others

29-Feb-24    full story...

Ultra-Portable Vocal Booth
ISOVOX announces availability of ISOVOX Go in carry-on-bag-fitting format

26-Apr-23    full story...

All-In-One Vocal Plug-In
ISOVOX ISOPLUG is packed with tools designed to enable perfect processing

18-Nov-22    full story...

Match Your Pop Filter To Your Studio Decor
ISOVOX announces availability of ISOPOP Premium in three color choices

17-Oct-22    full story...

Gold Plated Pop Filter Anyone?
ISOVOX announces availability of $999 limited-edition ISOPOP 24K Gold

03-Oct-22    full story...

New Mic Tailored For Vocal Booth Recording
ISOVOX introduces ISOMIC for voice recording within their ISOVOX 2 vocal booth

24-Sep-20    full story...

MESSE 2018: Iso Vox 2 Booth For Portable Vocal Work
Zip yourself in and VO like a pro

11-Apr-18    full story...

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Its a beast

Vintage Software That Gets the Job Done (Part 1) 

These oldies are still goldies!

5 Minutes With: Yamaha RX-11 Drummachine 

Classic 80's digital

The 1991 Videogame inspired by rave culture. 

Hex (feat. Coldcut) wrote the trippiest sounding game!

GearFest-UK24: PWM Mantis Hits the UK 

Production models on the ground

And a bit more Superbooth

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Sampler Composer

GearFest-UK24: PWM Mantis Hits the UK 

Production models on the ground

SonicLAB: Sonicware LoFi-12 XT Retro Sampler 

Retro look at a retro sampler

Its a beast

SonicLAB: Tetrachords 4 Track Poly Sequencer Review - Part 1 

Complex arrangements with musical rules

This MIDI-controlled 3D T-Rex Will Astound You 

MIDI Oscilloscope Experiments!