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Free Violin, Viola & Cello Virtual Instrument
Audiolatry releases Easy Strings ROMpler for MacOS and Windows

02-Jan-24    full story...

Audiolatry Releases RetroSynth
Instrument for MacOS and Windows with 87 ready-to-use multi-sampled presets.

29-Nov-23    full story...

Lo-Fi Retro Virtual Instrument
Audiolatry releases Zumzet For MacOS and Windows

25-Oct-22    full story...

Free Bass instrument
Audiolatry releases 808XD ROMpler

10-Oct-22    full story...

Free Drums For Mac & Windows
Audiolatry releases Drum8 sample-based ROMpler

01-Feb-22    full story...

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SonicLAB: Tetrachords 4 Track Poly Sequencer Review - Part 1 

Complex arrangements with musical rules

Inside Superbooth 2024 

Behind The Scenes with Sonicstate

Its a beast

GliGli Overcycler

The 1991 Videogame inspired by rave culture. 

Hex (feat. Coldcut) wrote the trippiest sounding game!

And a bit more Superbooth

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Gigging with 30-year-old Computers! 

A Retro-Amiga Expo & Afterparty

Sampler Composer

Legendary designer special guest

SonicLAB: Oberheim TEO-5 Compact Polysynth 

Classic OB sound but less $$

Inside Superbooth 2024 

Behind The Scenes with Sonicstate

GearFest-UK24: PWM Mantis Hits the UK 

Production models on the ground