Sonic Giveaway - Free Waves Flow Motion FM Synth

US 4 Oscillator Synth comes with 1,000+ Presets      11/06/24

This offer is now closed

We're giving away a full version of the excellent Waves Flow Motion FM synth - you may remember it from the great piece on FM synthesis we did with Yoad Nevo - where he demonstrated some of the principles of FM using it.

Get Flow Motion here. (

Flow Motion makes FM synthesis playful and easy with its simple drag and drop UI. It has a 4 Oscillator synth engine., modeled analog filter, massive modulation possibilities, sequencer, arpeggiator and built-in FX engine.

It also comes with over 1000 patches from many of the top designers including 100 from FM aficionado Richard Devine.

Together with Waves, we're giving away Flow Motion for free for a limited 48hr period starting on  the 22nd  ending 24th June.

All you need to do is sign up to be notified, and we'll email you a code then which will drop Flow Motion into your Waves account. (if you don't have one, its easy to sign up). 

Get Flow Motion here. (

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