Waves Releases Space Rider Plugin

US A reverb/delay/chorus multi-effect suite      25/01/24

Waves Audio is now shipping the Space Rider plugin, which they describe as a versatile reverb/delay/chorus multi-effect suite, featuring a distinctive 'Rider' function that helps create dynamic mixes, removing the need to spend precious time on routing and automation. Here's the details direct from the company...

The Waves Space Rider plugin combines three main high-quality effects: two types of reverb and two types of delay and chorus effects, all newly designed and inspired by both vintage and modern processors. With these effects positioned side-by-side, Waves' Space Rider helps you get the results you want in a single user-friendly interface, designed for optimal speed and efficiency. By clicking a button (eliminating the need for multiple channels, multiple plugins, and complex routing), you can send the chorus to the delay and the delay to the reverb, generating deep spatial effects that will liven up your tracks.
Space Rider's hidden gem is its unique dynamic Rider, assignable to any parameter. Engage the Rider to morph the different effects (instantly creating movement with fast, creative sound-shaping with built-in filtering, width manipulation and modulation offsets) and experiment with sounds and textures you never knew existed. You can also engage the built-in "Envelope Follower" for the Rider to dynamically respond in real time to the incoming audio signal, for effects that would normally take ages to set up.

With Waves Space Rider, the need for complex automations, routing, and send/return hassles is no longer necessary. Deep sonic results once necessitating intricate engineering maneuvers are now easily achievable with just a few clicks.

Waves Space Rider Features:

  • Reverb, delay, and chorus in one user-friendly UI
  • Morph between the different effects with the Rider
  • New reverb/delay/chorus algorithms crafted from the ground up
  • Dynamic Rider saves you time on complex automation and routing
  • Rider's envelope shaper responds dynamically to the incoming signal
  • Easily send chorus to delay, delay to reverb

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $49.99

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