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US TH-U SuperCabinet's AI-powered Fluid IR update delivers more detailed sonic characteristics      02/05/24

Overloud has announced a free update for TH-U SuperCabinet, which is a standalone plugin and included within TH-U amp sim suites. They say that, with this update, Overloud's AI-powered Fluid IRs, an advanced form of impulse responses that offer more detailed sonic characteristics by reproducing the speaker's dynamic behavior and harmonics, are now available for all cabinets and SuperCabinet IR libraries. To celebrate this release, Overloud has released five new Official Jensen SuperCabinet Libraries and sale pricing on all SuperCabinet Libraries, bundles and the standalone plugin.

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What are Overloud's Fluid IRs?
Fluid IRs are an advanced form of impulse responses used in Overloud's SuperCabinet that offer more detailed sonic characteristics compared to traditional IRs. Unlike regular IRs that merely mimic a speaker's frequency response, Fluid IRs also reproduce the speaker's dynamic behavior and harmonics. This enhancement delivers a tone that is thicker, more lifelike, and direct, with better management of the bass frequencies.

As of version 1.4.26, all cabinets in TH-U and all of the SuperCabinet libraries have been upgraded to include Fluid IRs, which are provided to users as a free update.

Additionally, with this update, SuperCabinet users can now upload their own conventional IRs into TH-U, taking advantage of Overloud's proprietary Fluid IR technology. This exciting feature utilizes an AI algorithm trained to transform standard IRs to Fluid IRs by recreating their dynamic and harmonic responses.

What is SuperCabinet?
The SuperCabinet is the revolutionary IR processor based on Overloud's Fluid Convolution Technology. With SuperCabinet, you can combine up to four different IRs, EQ them, pan them in the stereo field, and increase their stereo depth in order to create brand-new, totally custom cabinet tones. Graphically choose the speaker, the microphone model, its placement, the preamp, and the power amp! The SuperCabinet automatically loads the corresponding IR in the library.

You can also load your own IRs using the integrated file browser. The innovative Multiband mode allows you to forge your cabinet by loading separate IRs on different frequencies. In addition to panning each IR in the stereo field, the SuperCabinet provides a simple way to create big stereo guitar tracks. Using the Stereo knob, you can transform a mono IR into a wide stereo tone with one click. After tweaking the tone to perfection, you can export the final IR in .wav format to use with your favorite hardware modeler or software IR loader. The exported IR contains all the adjustments you made in the SuperCabinet, ensuring consistent tone across devices.

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