SUPERBOOTH 2024: Expressive E - Noisy 2 Bi-Timbral Synth

US Bi-timbral noise-based soft synth with a wide range of possibilities      17/05/24

Sonic State attended Superbooth 2024 and caught up with Chris from Expressive E to discuss their latest release, Noisy 2. This brand new software synth is a bi-timbral synth that uses noise as a source signal and resonators to create unique sounds. With 700 presets in MPE mode, users can expect a wide range of sound possibilities. The most exciting feature of NOISY 2 is the integration of expression control with the synthesizer, allowing for dynamic triggering and continuous control. This level of expression opens up new possibilities for sound design and MPE controllers like the Osmos.

NOISY 2 is now available for purchase at an introductory price of 89.40 euros.

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